Statement from the Yes on L Campaign, December 11, 2018

It is unfortunate that the No on L Campaign, which lost a fair election in Capitola, cannot graciously accept the will of the voters, and has now resorted to making false statements about the Yes on L campaign. The No on L Campaign issued a press release December 10 stating it has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC), like hundreds of other losing campaigns during this election cycle in California (

The Yes on L campaign is aware of its campaign reporting obligations and has disclosed, and will continue to disclose, all receipts and expenditures as required by law. Campaign finance reports are filed with the City of Capitola and have been widely reported by the Sentinel (see below). Voters were aware of all sources of contributions to Yes on L before the election.

If the FPPC has any questions regarding reports filed by the Yes on L campaign, the campaign will answer them fully. To date, the FPPC has not asked the campaign any questions and has only indicated it is investigating the complaint filed by the No on L campaign.

We will not be responding further to false statements made via press release by the defeated No on L campaign or its surrogates. The election is over, and the people of Capitola have spoken: the majority of Capitolans want pedestrians and bikes on the Capitola trestle.