A Letter from Mick Routh Endorsing YES on L

Mick Routh

Hello Capitola residents,

Recently there has been a lot of back and forth about Measure L. You may have seen the many signs supporting Measure L and the handful urging a no vote. You may also have read that the Santa Cruz Sentinel endorsed a YES VOTE ON MEASURE L, along with several former Mayors and city leaders, and two candidates running for City Council this year.

So here’s the deal: the RTC wants to end the trail at each end of the trestle and detour all the trail walkers, cyclists, and skateboarders into the Village with its traffic congestion, crowded sidewalks, no bike lanes, and no skateboarding allowed. Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

The trestle – up until the RTC gained control of it – was used by pedestrians daily. It’s been that way for decades and decades. It would be so much safer and make more sense to continue the trail across the trestle instead of detouring people through the crowded Village. But we all know government doesn’t always do what makes sense. The RTC plan is a perfect example of this.

The many, many people who support Measure L simply want the trestle to be incorporated into the trail. NO UNSAFE DETOURS.

What Measure L does is make a statement that the residents of Capitola do not agree with the detour through Capitola Village and do not want the City to participate in the detour. It’s that simple.

Please join me and the many other Capitola residents who are voting YES ON MEASURE L.

Have a great day,

Mick Routh
4 Years Capitola Mayor
24 Years Capitola City Council Member, 1972 - 1996