A Letter from Gayle Ortiz Endorsing YES on L

Gayle Ortiz

Dear Neighbors,

I am voting YES on Measure L. And here are the reasons.

In 2016 a handful of Capitola residents launched Vision Capitola. It was designed to query Capitolans about what they value most about living here and what they want to see happen in the next 5 to 15 years. The process was a great success with over 300 Capitola residents participating.

Here are some of the results as they pertain to Measure L:

  • The third most valued feature in Capitola is the ability to walk and bike safely.

  • The second most important thing people valued is a trail without rail. 

  • The fifth most important thing is improvement to pedestrian safety citywide.

At the two public meetings held, without question, most of the participants were in favor of a trail only option through Capitola. Personally, I agree.

There are a couple of other reasons I’m supporting YES on L. I do not believe any type of train will ever be economically or financially feasible in Santa Cruz County. And, I do not want to see major changes to our historic trestle, an icon in our community.

I believe most Capitolans agree with me. Please vote YES on Measure L.

Thanks for listening (my apologies if you’ve heard from me already) and thank you for voting!

Gayle Ortiz