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Trusted Capitolans

Trusted Capitolans endorse YES on L

  • Sam Storey, Former Capitola Mayor and current candidate for Capitola City Council

  • Elisabeth Bertrand, Director of Special Projects, AMBAG

  • Mick Routh, Former Capitola Mayor and 24 year member of Capitola City Council

  • Nels Westman, President, Capitola Village Residents Association

  • Susan Westman, Capitola Planning Commissioner and Former Capitola City Manager

  • Ted Burke, Owner Shadowbrook Restaurant

  • Gayle Ortiz, Former Capitola Mayor and Owner of Gayle’s Bakery and Rosticceria 

  • Kym DeWitt, Former Capitola Treasurer and CFO Beer Thirty

  • Molly Graessle, Capitola resident and Mom

Santa Cruz Sentinel endorses Capitola’s YES on L

Both sides of the debate were presented and the Sentinel concluded that the best use of the Capitola trestle is bikes and pedestrians:

“We truly doubt the historic trestle would ever be rehabilitated enough to permit passenger rail; in any case, it can provide a safe path across the city for pedestrians and schoolkids.”

“...strong doubts that passenger rail of any sort will pan out financially for our region”

“Most importantly, we think it’s a healthy step to bring this to voters, who can decide themselves how they see the trestle-use issue.”

Vote YES on L – Save Our Trestle!


• former Capitola Mayor 2010 & 2014
• Capitola Council Candidate 2018

“I believe that Capitola residents and visitors deserve to have a safe pedestrian and bicycle path that goes over the trestle. If you share my vision, I encourage you to vote Yes on Measure L.”


• former Capitola Mayor
• Owner, Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria

“This is a chance for the citizens of Capitola to let the council know how they feel about this issue. That’s always a good idea. I support Measure L because I believe our historic trestle is best used without rail. Greenway provides the best opportunity for a realistic transit solution in Capitola and our county.”

Mick Routh

• Capitola City Council member, 1972 - 1996
• Former Capitola Mayor, 1978-80, 1986-88
• Capitola Planning Commissioner, 2010 - 2014
• Santa Cruz City Schools Governing Board, 2000 - 2008

”A trail for bikes, walkers, joggers, skaters, etc., from Santa Cruz to Watsonville will be a great addition to our county. Imagine how special this will be as it winds its way through the county, through our unique communities, past our beaches and scenic vistas. But what happens when the people utilizing the trail reach the iconic trestle in Capitola? They are re-routed on a detour through the Village with its traffic congestion, crowded sidewalks, no bike lanes, and no skateboarding allowed. Without the trestle incorporated into the trail, the trail simply ends on each side of the Village. This makes no sense. For safety reasons alone the trestle must be an integral part of the trail. This is why I am voting YES on Measure L and I encourage all Capitola residents to join me in supporting Measure


• former Capitola City Manager
• Planning Commissioner

“Have you driven on Highway One lately? Did you have a happy experience? Santa Cruz County desperately needs a safe at-grade corridor for pedestrians, bikes and small electric vehicles as a viable alternative to the Highway One disaster. Detouring the trail corridor onto crowded Capitola Village streets defeats the whole idea of a viable alternative. I’m voting FOR Measure L because I believe that our historic Trestle is best suited for people and not freight trains.”

Elisabeth Bertrand

• Special Projects Director, AMBAG Energy Watch

“This is our special opportunity not only to preserve the unique beauty of our village, but to be innovative leaders promoting electric cycle transportation, cycle, and walking options. When this is in place, it will truly be the visionary jewel that came to be in our neighborhood of which we are all so proud!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 9.11.30 PM.png

• Traffic & Parking Commissioner
• President, Capitola Village Resident Association

“The RTC’s RailTrail plan will ultimately only result in a third class rail, a third class trail, a crushing financial burden on County residents and NO RELIEF for the grinding traffic and congestion found all over the County. We deserve a better, common sense solution. So I am supporting Measure L to send a clear message to the RTC that their Rail Trail plan is a bad plan.” 

Katherine O'Dea

• Capitola Resident

“It is important to the community of Capitola to protect the historical look and feel of our iconic trestle. The trestle, even restored to meet safety standards, which is greatly needed, cannot support both rail and trail. Those of us who love the historical significance of that trestle will have to choose between the two. The community seems to want a bike trail more than rail service. To have both would mean a reconstruction, which could have devastating impact our on community and change the entire nature of this lovely village. I would love to support and see a compromise solution, but I don‘t think there is one. ”

Tory Delfavero

• former Trustee, Capitola-Soquel School District

“My kids and I love the idea of a safe, wide trail along the corridor. Safe routes to school, safe routes to city and county parks, safe routes to take boards and bikes to our favorite surfing spots along the coast. I wish we had had that trail when the kids were in strollers. I support Measure L because I believe it will help make this dream a reality. Trail Only rocks!”


• School Board Member
• Local Realtor & Mom

“We owe our children safe routes to schools.”


• Trustee, Santa Cruz County Board Of Education
• Founding Board Member, Digital Nest

“Let’s have a regional bike and pedestrian trail, NOW!  It's the best and most realistic use of our existing trestle - for safety, health, and affordability.  Vote YES on Measure L.

Kym DeWitt

• former Capitola Treasurer
• CFO, Beer Thirty

“The costs associated with the train are fiscally irresponsible and would be a waste of our tax dollars and one of our most valuable assets. Using the trestle for active transportation is the common sense solution that is safe for our community, our budget and best for local business.”


• Surf And Sand Mobile Home Park Resident
• Capitola Measure Proponent

“Positive change doesn’t happen unless you vote for it.”


• Capitola Resident

“There is nothing quite so lovely as the promise of a day spent cycling with family and friends on a trail designated just for cyclists and pedestrians through our wonderful hometown of Capitola by the Sea.”


• Publisher, Santa Cruz Waves Magazine
• Mavericks Big Wave Surfer

“It’s impossible to overstate how much a trail on the Trestle will positively affect this active beachside community.”

Linda Larson

• Church Deacon
• Capitola Gardens Resident

“Seniors, disabled, children, dog walkers, cyclists and other residents need a safe, beautiful space that connects the community.”

Jack Digby

Capitola Council Candidate 2018

“After seeing the support of so many members of the community and because I’m running to be a voice for the people, I am endorsing Greenway Capitola, Yes on L. I have concluded that a train on the corridor is not realistic in the next 25 years, so we should railbank it to keep transit options open for the future and use the Capitola trestle now for active transportation and recreation.”

Peter Emanuel

Retired software engineer and outdoor enthusiast • Jewel Box Resident

“I believe it is imperative to look over the horizon at the emerging new e-type transportation solutions that are coming our way really fast and to view Measure L in this light.”

Dean Cutter

Teacher, New Brighton Middle School

“For students’ safety the trestle needs to be upgraded and turned into a safe useable path they can use. It is currently in use despite its rickety condition and illegality, which highlights the need for a safe pedestrian/skater/cyclist path. Let’s make it safe and legal.”

Michael Lavigne

• Capitola Resident
• Owner of Michael Lavigne Real Estate, Capitola Ave

“Preservation of Capitola’s historic trestle, and use of this incredible path throughout the County by hiker’s, cycling enthusiasts, walker’s, and disabled residents is the most sensible solution from every perspective: environmental, financial, and transportation-efficiency. We need a TRAIL, not a noisy, expensive train.”

Tricia Proctor

• 48 year Capitola Resident

“I definitely support a trail for Skateboarding, Biking, Running, Walking, Strollers, Scooters & Electric Transportation as long as the trail is safe, well lit and maintained. I think it's very important to get those who are able out of their cars and using the trails to get from one side of town to the other. We are fortunate to have year round decent weather for trail commuting.”

“Generating the political will for a county wide Greenway starts in Capitola. Lets get the Trestle opened up for pedestrians and bicyclists now and let Santa Cruz County know what can be done to the rail corridor. Vote Yes on L"

Buzz Anderson - Capitola Business Owner

“As a Capitola resident I strongly endorse a ‘Yes on L’ vote to provide a safe and beautiful space to traverse our Community."

Todd Anderson - Jewel Box Resident

“I am a Santa Cruz County native and was raised in Capitola. My father retired from The Capitola Police Department and my childhood memories revolve around landmarks of the Village. The Capitola Theater, the Pinball Arcade, The Band Stand, the Trestle, too many more to name, and many now gone. The history of Capitola, and its historical landmarks, are a huge part of its charm. The charm that makes visitors slow down, and recall a simpler time. The trestle is one of these landmarks. Just looking at it gives you a sense of less hurried days. This is what visitors love about the Village. They are here to escape and relax and the Village is a huge sigh of relief in a fast-paced world.

Me and my school friends spent so much of our time up on the tracks of the trestle looking down at the Village, and the ocean, and planning our young lives. The trestle has sentimental value to me, but more over, it needs to be preserved for the next generations to appreciate the iconic structures that have stood the test of time; a link between then and now. Save the trestle—for many like me, it’s so much more than a railway connection. It’s a connection to the past.”

Patricia Petersen, Manager of Carmel Bay Company in Capitola

“This will serve our community in many ways. Its delay will only make it more expensive and delay the benefits we can all share.”

Mark Karleskind - Capitola Resident

“I love that trestle. I haven’t walked it lately, but for many years I walked over it many many times. Love the views. And I think it adds a lot of character to our little city. I always loved taking visitors for walks over it. This is a good reminder to me to start walking over it again. I had a heart attack recently and am getting back in shape. Soon I’ll be ready to walk that far from my house.”

Diane Noland - Capitola Resident

“This would wonderful. People enjoy being on the trestle. Why? The breathtaking view of our beautiful village and the Monterey Bay.”

Barbara Reding - Capitola resident and business owner

“A train—passenger and/or freight—rampaging throughout our beautiful, iconic coastal town would be a horrific idea. It will not solve traffic congestion, even though there are many who are are trying to convince the community that it would. It would even create more traffic problems! What a ludicrous idea!”

Joni and Dan Steele - Capitola Residents

“To create a bicycle/skateboard/pedestrian trail along the railroad tracks is a great idea, but to detour all the usage through Capitola Village is a huge and dangerous mistake. No one stops at the stop sign coming down the hill from Cliff Drive at Wharf Road. A death has already occurred because of it. Using the trail over the trestle is the "path of least resistance", and I would think it would be the path of choice in the future.”

Stan Wilson - Capitola Resident

“I could easily commute on my electric skateboard or bike to and from school, and I know all of my family would use it similarly.”

Benson Young - PCS Student, Soquel Resident

Thank you to Marc Monte for endorsing Yes on L and for all you have contributed to the Capitola community. Looking forward to a safe trail across the Trestle that will help Capitolans get to the Monte Family Skateboard Park and the new Capitola Library that the Monte Foundation is helping to fund. 

Steve Austen - Co-Owner, The Village Mouse Corp

Kati Bays - Preschool Teacher, Capitola Resident

Alen Casle - Capitola Resident

Joe Clarke - retired Sergeant, Santa Cruz County Sheriff

Janice Caldarella - Capitola Resident

Daniel Castagnola - Owner of Castagnola Deli & Cafe, 201 Monterey Ave

Tom Evans - Chair, Greenway Capitola - The Better Way

Teal Forest - Capitola Resident

Amie Forest - Creative Director, Owner Forest Design LLC, Capitola Resident

Barb Goza - Capitola Resident

Nick Graessle - Capitola Junior Guard, New Brighton M.S. Valedictorian, 2018

Carin Hanna - Owner of Craft Gallery

Tatiana Lima - CEO Lobotomy Cafe

Baharak Minna Najm - Owner of The Sand Bar, 211 Esplanade

Brook Penquite - Owner, Santa Cruz Poke on the Esplanade in Capitola Village

Gerald “Dunn” Silvey - Capitola Resident

Renate Silvey - Capitola Resident

Russell Simpkins - Co-Owner, Mini Mint Earth Friendly Goods for Minis and Mamas

Matt Suess - Suess Insurance Agency

Ed Spurr - Capitola Resident

Ron Skelton - Capitola Resident

Doree Steinmann - 26 Year Capitola Resident, Park Avenue by the Sea Apartments



Santa Cruz County Business Council
Representing 70 major employers in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel
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